Having specialized in damage economics for over 25 years, I have worked on disasters all over the world. As a consultant on these cases, I have had the privilege to meet the people "behind the statistics." In these cases, I have observed that when a crisis hits, people can dive, survive, or thrive. Thrivers grow by doing tiny things that add up to big results. I call these behaviors "rich habits." I have identified a pattern of specific habits, rituals, and routines that bring authentic growth. Today, I write and speak on this topic.


Since I am a lousy golfer, I spend my personal time doing other things. This includes volunteering with at-risk teenagers, the homeless, and other charities. Please contact us if you would like books donated to the charities you support, or if you would like me to speak about these experiences at your charity, church, or community event.

- Randall Bell, PhD, MAI